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Brick Rigs

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  • Release date: 11/6/2016
  • Developer: Lukas Rustemeyer
  • Publisher: Lukas Rustemeyer
  • Genre: SimulationEarly Access
  • Languages: English, German
  • Features: Single-player, Online Multi-Player, Steam Trading Cards, Steam Workshop, Partial Controller Support
  • Requirements: View details
Brick Rigs

Brick Rigs

Lukas Rustemeyer
Requirements minimum
  • OS: Windows 7 SP1 - Windows 10 (x64)
  • Processor: 2.4 GHz Dual-Core 64-bit CPU
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX10 Compatible GPU with 1 GB VRAM
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 2 GB available space

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Brick Rigs Review: Create Vehicles From Bricks And Watch Them Being Destroyed

Brick Rigs is a new STEAM game about driving vehicles made of bricks (not Lego ones) and watch how they blow up in different locations on the map. You can download Brick Rigs for Microsoft Windows only.

Graphics 2/5

The game doesn’t look good even for an animation made out of bricks. Everything looks too shiny and far away from real plastic bricks. The maps and locations don’t have a lot of details to them. It’s very minimalistic graphics in general with poor performance. The explosion and destruction effects - the main point of this game are rather underwhelming too. You can manage the time of the day in this game which doesn’t add to how the game looks. The slow motion is too long and not cool enough.

Gameplay 2/5

You start from the garage where you need to choose your vehicle. There are ready-to-go cars available and you can also customize them too.

When your vehicle gets destroyed you have several options of what you can do with it: Recover at Garage, Repair, Unflip or Remove Vehicle.

There are several maps and game modes available. Few of the maps’ descriptions: City map is where you can be destroyed by a train, Desert is the map with only a few roads but it has interactive water, Space map has no gravity. Few of the game modes descriptions: Sandbox - build and play with no limitations and missions, Battle - teamed up death matches, Zombie mode where you have to kill zombies and others. Each map has its limit which is a bit annoying because the map isn’t big in the first place. In each location and in each mode the main object is to operate brick cars and avoid getting them destroyed.

Controls 1/5

The controls are very difficult, especially with flying objects. You interact with objects like doors for example with E key. Very strange key combinations for moving - you have to press some keys few times in order to move: W key twice and Shift in order to move forwards, the same W key but with Ctrl to move backwards for example. Besides difficult controls, all vehicles often get drifted too much.

Replay Value 2/5

From this Brick Rigs review you can already tell that the only thing for which you might get back to this game is if you like slow motion. It’s actually the whole point of this game - to watch how made of Lego-like bricks vehicles get destroyed and little brick driver flies away from the car. It’ll be better if you play with your friends in the multiplayer mode and destroy each other’s cars..

The Bottom Line

This game is like a failed try to jump in the Lego world games fame. Pathetic simulation of the Lego bricks with a seemingly fresh idea. Also, it’s very strange to watch how cars presumably made of plastic get burnt and exploded. The graphics are bad, the controls are too complicated. There’s not enough of a variety of things to do in this game and sometimes the game glitches.


Download Jurassic World Evolution if you’re a fan of brick games and you like slow motion. Also you can participate in the gaming perfectioning.

Pros : Typical brick game;
Destruction in slow motion;
A lot of game modes to choose from.

Cons : There are glitches in the game sometimes;
Not enough of gameplay and graphics variety.

Graphics 2

Gameplay 2

Controls 1

Replay Value 2

Average : 1.8

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